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Functional Intense Training (FIT) has been designed by a team of health and fitness professionals including Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers. FIT sessions are a 40 minute functional intense group training session that includes a true 5 minute dynamic warm up, 30 minutes of functional intense training and a 5minute specific cool down.

Every session has been scientifically designed to achieve specific outcomes and real measurable improvements in strength and power, speed and agility along with muscular endurance. Due to the unique composition of the FIT sessions participants will improve their aerobic base while increasing their lactate threshold enabling real advances in fitness levels and significantly greater calorie burn in the sessions along with many hours after the session.

FIT sessions  have been created to increase lean muscle mass which will enhance the individuals metabolic rate and ultimately fat burning capacity making FIT ideal not just for real gains in physical performance but for weight loss and body transformation. FIT sessions will be based around functional movements and include the use of specialized equipment and technology to ensure every minute of every session has a purpose and moves you one step closer to your health and fitness goal. No one FIT session will ever be the same.

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FIT Sessions

Functional Intense Training sessions are 40 minutes in duration and have been developed to incorporate a dynamic warm up of 5 minute,30 minutes of intense functional training composed of Strength and Power, Speed and Agility and Endurance followed by a specific stretch and cool down of 5 minutes.

FIT sessions are not just about burning calories, they are designed to facilitate real improvements in performance in the core athletic areas of Strength and Power, Speed and Agility and Endurance. The sessions will be segmented into specific components where exercises and work / rest periods will reflect real science to generate performance improvements.

Each Session  will have one component or “hero” being the dominant element of the session.


Fundamentals Coaching Session

Prior to engagement in FIT it is strongly recommended that the member undertakes a Fundamentals coaching session.

Fundamentals Training is essential for a client to assess their current movement patterns, lifting ability and technique along with minimizing potential injury that may arise from poor co-ordination, proprioception, postural and strength deficits.

Goals of the fundamentals workshops are to allow the coach to:

  • Monitor and instruct FIT members to execute timely and efficient movement patterns
  • Identifying deficits and implement appropriate options to assist progression through FIT program
  • Establish appropriate starting weight to allow for safe progressions over time or regressions if needed
  • Create a functional program baseline that can be tested ongoing
EFT Sessions

Effective Functional Training

These sessions have been devised to provide feedback and ongoing support to ensure that you are constantly building on technique and movement execution. These sessions are supervised by an FIT coach. During the session you will work any movement patterns that are identified as needing improvement, coaching progressions and monitoring training loads.

In addition to these sessions providing the opportunity for members to receive coaching and corrective/ progression exercises for any dysfunctional movement patterns identified in the FMS (Functional Movement Screen), EFT sessions will also offer members the opportunity to perform exercises with supervision, for members to complete Fundamental sessions, for members to complete their own routine, workouts of the week, benchmark testing or My Zone training.

Bench Mark Tests

Bench Mark Tests

FIT will involve a Bench Mark test that members will be encouraged to complete once per month. This Bench Mark test has been designed to reflect the FIT sessions and also the core elements that provide the platform for FIT session. FIT is more than just a calorie burn sessions, it is composed of sessions that are designed to improve performance and subsequently allow individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Judgement Day

Judgement Day

Once a quarter FIT members will be encouraged to participate in Judgement Day, this involves a comprehensive assessment of the core performance components of FIT sessions. This will allow members to track progress, identify areas for development and reward members hard work and dedication.

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