The Lair

The Lair has been designed and fitted out to offer members the best and most appropriate equipment and technology to engage in high intense functional training in a safe environment.

The Lair includes:

  • Irone Edge Rigging that facilitates power lifting exercises, suspension work, rope climbs, TRX  based activities
  • Power Lifting Platform
  • Synthetic grass running and sled track
  • Concept 2 E model rowers
  • Assault bikes
  • Punch free standing bags
  • Tyres, kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, plyometric boxes, sleds (hurt terminal) and more
  • My Zone heart rate and personal feedback technology

My Zone

FIT is implementing My Zone into the “Lair” it is the industry leading accurate monitoring system that measures heart rate, calories burned, training zone and effort in real time, helping users reach their fitness goals. The technology gives you the insight you need to tailor clients/group session activity in order to achieve their fitness goals. My Zone measures the effort exerted by your heart, which is the most accurate way to measure the intensity of your physical activity.

Screens will visible in “Lairs” and will provide a real-time display of member’s heart rate, training intensity, points earned and calories burned. Instant feedback and immediate reward will drive motivation in sessions. My Zone will reward effort not just fitness level.

Workout of the Week

A Workout of the Week (WOW) will be developed for FIT members every week. This workout will be designed by the FIT team at each site (shared across sites) and reflect the functional intense training of the FIT sessions along with the elements tested in the Benchmark Test and Judgement Day.

The WOW will be written up on a whiteboard within the “lair” and emailed out to clients along with posting on website and social media. Members will be encouraged to perform the WOW after sessions or on alternative days. The WOW will be a great tool to compliment FIT sessions, complete in EFT or PT sessions or program as part of the clients self- administered sessions for the week.

The WOW will have an overall winner each week along with a My Zone points winner for effort.

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